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Sankofa Cork Yoga Blocks

Información del producto

HUEmane Yoga's Cork Yoga Blocks: the perfect support for your yoga practice, designed with a deeper meaning. Crafted from eco-friendly cork, these blocks provide stability and comfort as you explore new postures and reach greater heights.

Embracing the rich symbolism of the Sankofa bird, these blocks serve as a reminder of our ancestral roots and the wisdom passed down through generations. The Sankofa bird, with its head turned backward and its feet moving forward, symbolizes the importance of reconnecting with our past to shape a brighter future. It reflects the essence of yoga, which invites us to be present in the moment while honoring our heritage.

As you place your hands on these blocks, feel the power and resilience of the Sankofa bird within you. Let it inspire your yoga journey, encouraging you to explore your practice with grace, strength, and a deep sense of belonging to the diaspora. With the HUEmane Cork Yoga Blocks, you'll not only find support for your body but also connect with the profound significance of the Sankofa bird, embracing the harmony between tradition and self-discovery.

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