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Mission: "Creating connections through unique & educational travel experiences"

Be HUEmane provides personalized opportunities for those who wish to learn through the wonders of travel and focuses on social and economic issues, as well as highly captivating cultural experiences.

We are a catalyst for connecting and educating people through unique travel experiences.  Our main objectives are as follows:

  • To be receptive to global differences may it be differences of opinions or ways of living

  • To bring awareness of global issues facing marginalized communities

  • To bridge connections between those with the proper skill sets with areas of need in order to bring about sustainable change

Humane- by our favorite definition means “having or showing compassion or benevolence”. Compassion means that when you see something you can try to help fix, you need to get in there and try to help.

Hue- by our favorite definition means “a color or shade”.  And it’s important to point out that for “whatever reason”, globally,  certain shades are left out, ignored, or excused from the very idea of what is “humane”. 

Be- to exist. To live.  We all have a choice on how we live. 

Our lives are a series of choices, let’s choose

to Be HUEmane.

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